medical emergencies

emergency information

Please keep in mind that this information will only apply if you have been processed by our office prior to your trip.


In the event of an emergency, long-term volunteers serving outside the U.S. covered by Accident and Sickness for Volunteers (ASV) should call Europ Assistance immediately:

1-240-330-1570 (Outside the USA, Call Collect)
1-888-927-5353 (Inside U.S.)

Have the following information ready:

  • Plan Number: 01AH585
  • Policyholder: General Conference - SDA Church
  • Policy Number: GLM N01060995
  • Assistance Provider: Europ Assistance, USA

Call when:

  • You require a referral to a hospital or doctor
  • You are hospitalized
  • You need to be evacuated or repatriated
  • You need to guarantee payment for medical expenses
  • You experience local communication problems

When you call, be prepared with:

  • Name of caller, phone number, relationship to patient
  • Patient’s name, age, sex and policy number
  • A description of the patient’s condition
  • Name, location, and phone number of hospital
  • Names and phone numbers of the treating doctor; where and when the doctor can be reached
  • Health insurance information, worker’s compensation, or automobile insurance information, if the patient was in an auto accident. (By requesting assistance, you agree to assign to Europe Assistance your rights to recover from any of your responsible insurers any expenses they may incur.)

Insurance Package Information


In the event of an accident or illness, report claims or verify eligibility:

  • 1-888-951-4276

Adventist Risk Management Customer Care & Operations

12501 Old Columbia Pike

Silver Spring, MD 20904

Policy Information

  • Insurance Type: Task Force Insurance
  • Insurance Provider: AIG
  • Assistance Provider: Travel Assist
  • Policy Number: SRG 0009139774-A

In the event of an emergency evacuation or travel assistance need, volunteers with Task Force insurance should call:

  • 877-281-2355 - U.S. or Canada
  • 01-715-295-9978 - Anywhere else, call collect

Insurance Package Information