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Office of Volunteer Ministries

North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

9705 Patuxent Woods Drive

Columbia, MD 21046

  • Ross Patterson

    Long-Term Processing Assistant

    (443) 391 7118

    Ross processes long-term volunteers through Adventist Volunteer Service. He also helps with our social media and other ways to help get the word out about volunteer missions.

  • Gladys Guerrero-Cavalheiro

    Long-Term Processing Assistant

    (443) 391 7117

    Gladys processes long-term volunteers through Adventist Volunteer Service. She also works with Coordinator Accounts and Service Requests for NAD volunteer requests.

  • Short-Term Processing Assistant

    (443) 391 7114

    Our Short-Term Processing Assistant processes short-term volunteers and group trips, which includes all volunteer trips that are two months or less.

  • Procession and Communication Coordinator

    (443) 391 7115

    The Processing and Communication Coordinator oversees the volunteer application process, and works with volunteers entering NAD to serve. They also manage the website and social media.

  • ernest hernandez


    (443) 391 7116

    Ernest oversees the Office of Volunteer Ministries.